MCM Launches at StockX Bags

MCM Launches at StockX Bags
Mercury is in full retrograde right now, so if you’re having some bad luck, definitely blame it on the smallest planet in our solar system. Here’s some good news though: MCM is now available for your buying and selling pleasure on StockX.
MCM, which stands for the initials of its founder, Michael Crome München, was created in 1976 in Munich, Germany and gained popularity in the 80s, appearing in Dynasty (as part of Krystle Carrington’s entourage) and making fans out of Diana Ross and Siegfried & Roy, the most entertaining pair of German-American white-tiger owning magicians anyone reading this is probably too young to remember.
Interest in the 90s dipped for MCM, after München was investigated for alleged tax evasion. The company was bought by a South Korean retail business called Sungjoo Group, headed by one of South Korea’s best-known female entrepreneurs Sung-Joo Kim, relaunched the brand in 2006 and brought it back in a big way. In 2016, Kim aimed to more than double sales to $2 billion within five years, according to Business of Fashion.

Since then, the brand’s cache has increasingly gone up. MCM bags have become a favorite of celebrities like Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Serena Williams and Beyonce, who not only featured an MCM belt bag in her Halloween homage to the iconic American hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa, but also had a custom made MCM outfit made for the collaboration with husband Jay-Z on “APES**T.”


The brand has even made its fair share of appearances in various song lyrics, most notably:

  • Kendrick Lamar – Westside, Right on Time: “Brown bag full of cash, baby, MCM”
  • Jay-Z – BBC: “MCM seats buck 50 stitch”
  • Tyga – Snapbacks Back: “Champagne MCM backpack on”
  • Big Sean – So Much More : “Rockin’ Louis and MCM, I guess I’m clothes-minded”
  • Migos – “Built Like Me:  “MCM bag that’s a money book bag”
MCM gained a new ambassador this year when Cordell Broadus, Snoop Dogg’s son, became an MCM model this year. “I’ve always been a fan of MCM since I was super young,” Broadus told GQ, “so once I got the call I was immediately excited and I told them, ‘let’s do it.'”
With so many stand out pieces from their collection, it’s hard to choose one MCM item to highlight, so here are a few MCM items we’ve currently got in our marketplace at StockX. All items are crafted in signature Visetos coated canvas are available as part of our vast catalog of over 20,000 bags.









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