Off-White Blazer

Sneakers - September 22, 2017

By The Numbers: Off-White Data Recap

Jesse Einhorn

Senior Economist at StockX

Off-White BlazerThe Nike x Off-White collection, the brainchild of streetwear impresario Virgil Abloh and Nike, was among the most anticipated sneaker releases of the year. “The Ten” collection finds Abloh applying his signature deconstructed aesthetic to ten iconic Nike silhouettes. The first five shoes were released September 9th: the Jordan 1, Vapormax, Air Presto, Blazer Mid and Air Max 90.  

In the months leading up to the release, hype surrounding the collection was off the charts. Abloh gifted pairs of the flagship Jordan 1s to several famous friends during Paris Fashion Week in June, and pictures of celebrities wearing the kicks – from Travis Scott to Bella Hadid to Michael Jordan himself – ricocheted across social media throughout the summer.

Here at StockX, we’ve been watching with keen interest to see how the Off-Whites would perform on the secondary market. Without further ado, let’s look at the data….

Sales Price and Volume:

The first chart shows the average Off-White resale prices over the past two weeks. The Jordan 1 leads the way, with an average price of $2,043. The second most expensive model is the Air Presto, with an average price of $1,252, with the Vapormax close behind at $1,156. Compared to the others, the Air Max 90 ($907) and Blazer Mid ($720) seem relatively cheap!

The second chart shows the sales volume for each of the five Off-Whites, as a share of the total collection. Unsurprisingly, given the disproportionate media coverage they received, the Jordan 1s are the most popular item, accounting for roughly one-quarter of all Off-White sales. The Air Presto and Vapormax take silver and bronze, respectively, followed by the Blazer Mid and Air Max 90.

Resale Price Over Time:

The following chart shows how resale prices have fluctuated over the past 2 weeks. The timeframe ranges from September 6th, three days before the official release, when we first observed sales activity for all five models and runs through Wednesday, September 20th.

In addition to being the costliest sneaker, the Jordan 1 has also proven to be the most variable. This was especially true in the pre-release period, when the average Jordan 1 sales price was well above $2500, or more than 13 times its $190 retail price. Between September 6th and September 8th, we saw no less than five individual Jordan 1 sales of $2800 or more- the 5 priciest exchanges in the entire data set. Since then, prices have fallen significantly, and as of today, the Jordan 1s are trading for just under $2,000.

Another interesting sneaker, in terms of price fluctuation, has been the Off-White Air Max 90s, represented above by the light blue line. During the pre-release window, it seemed as though the Air Max might challenge the Jordan 1 for Off-White resale supremacy. The shoes opened on September 6th with an average sale price of $2000, with individual sales reaching as high as $2500. However, over the next few days, prices dropped considerably and today, the average Air Max 90 is trading for $842- the second lowest of the group.

Price Premiums: Off-White vs Yeezy vs Jordan

Across the entire Off-White collection, the price premiums – the amount paid over retail – have been extraordinary. To put the numbers in context, we compared the average price premium for all 5 Off-White sneakers, and compared them to the last major Yeezy and Jordan releases. For the Yeezys, we took the average premiums for the Cream, Zebra and Beluga models; for the Jordans, we took the Royal 1, Bred and Top 3 models. This chart shows the changes in the price premiums for these three sneaker cohorts.

Avg Price PremiumAmong the Yeezys, the average premium reached as high as 410% during the pre-release period, then levelled off to around 300% 11 days after release. Among Jordans, premiums were both lower and more stable, fluctuating between 260% and 210% of retail.

For the Off-Whites, however, the price premiums have been far higher, and the fluctuations over time far more extreme. Three days prior to release, Off-Whites were selling for an average premium of nearly 1200%- an astounding figure. On release day, the average premium fell to 760%, and over the next week and a half, it dipped to 560%. Even at it’s lowest, however, the price premium for Off-Whites has been well above that of the Yeezys, and nearly double that of the Jordans. This isn’t entirely unexpected, given the Off Whites’ highly limited supply, but the numbers are eye-popping nonetheless.

Odds and Ends:

Highest Individual Sale: $3000 for a pair of Jordan 1s, representing a price premium over retail of nearly 1500%.

Lowest Individual Sale: $535 for a pair of Off-White Blazers. For Jordan 1s, the lowest individual sale was for $1515.

Biggest 1-Day Swing: $909, when the average Off-White Air Max price swung from $2000 on September 6th to just $1091 on September 7th.