In case you forgot, Jordan Brand released a very legit retro this past Saturday in the Jordan 1 Black Toe 2016.  In between following #ComplexCon on every media platform, the StockX team was furiously trying to grab personal pairs of the Black Toes wherever possible since Nike+ didn’t bless us with the code to unlock any early pairs.

Here is the resell activity that we’ve seen at StockX for the Jordan 1 Black Toe 2016 so far, including pre-release.

Aj1 Black Toe Recap


Key Insights

  • Early trading on the Jordan 1 Black Toe 2016 more or less started at the average prices for the Reverse SBB and the Bred 2016 in October
  • Resell prices quickly leveled off around $250 even before the official release date
  • On November 5th, the Jordan 1 Black Toe 2016 accounted for 57% of all trades on StockX

Closing Thoughts

Knowing that the prices of similar pairs available in the resell market tend to influence what people pay for others, we are curious to see how the resell results will play out for the upcoming Jordan 1 Top Three release in late November.  There has surprisingly already been a couple of #teamsuperearly sales for the Top Three on StockX, but not enough for us to speculate on where the resell prices will go from here.

For live market activity on the Jordan 1 Black Toe 2016, click HERE.

To get in on the early activity on the Jordan 1 Top Three, click HERE.