The Beluga 2.0 Yeezys are the midst of one of the most dominant runs of any sneaker in the history of our marketplace. The day before Thanksgiving they took over the top spot in our Daily Scorecard, and they haven’t looked back since.

It’s one thing for a sneaker to perform well on it’s release day, or a day or two before. What makes the Beluga 2.0s unique is how early in their life-cycle they began selling in volume. On November 22nd, a full 3 days prior to their official release, sales of the Beluga 2.0s accounted for over 17% of the total dollars spent on StockX sneaker market – a record-breaking figure. Previously, the highest market share for any sneaker at least 3 days away from it’s release was the Cream White Yeezys, which dropped on April 29th and had a market share of 16% on April 26th.

Post-release, the Beluga 2.0 has performed impressively as well. On November 25th, the day of they officially hit the shelves, the 2.0s exceeded 46% market share. Over the next 5 days, they fluctuated between 23% and 35% market share. Then on November 30th, following the restock, they experienced a second surge, topping 43% market share. All told, the Belugas have had an awe-inspiring run- a feat of dominance worthy of the 3000lb whale that shares their name.

In our Market Movers feature: the biggest price increase this week, for a sneaker with at least 5 sales, belonged to the Solar Yellow Ultra Boost 1.0s, which rose 48%, from $236 to $347. The Solar Yellows have been one of the more erratic sneakers on our marketplace, with a volatility index of 45%. Meanwhile, the biggest price decline belonged to the Jordan 1 “Gold Top 3”, which fell 24%, from $665 to $504.