If you’re in the United States, especially the Northeast, there’s a good possibility that winter weather is reminding you that it is not spring yet. For those of you impacted by #SnowStorm, #StellaStorm, #StormStella, #Stella, #SnowStormStella, #SnowDay, #Storm, #Snow and the always popular #snowmageddon, don’t worry we’re speeding up our shipping to account for it.

Basically, if your package is coming from or going to an area that is impacted by the storm according to UPS outage maps, you should not be affected by the delays in service due to weather.

If you chose to identify this crazy weather by any other hashtag, you’re out of luck.

(Just kidding.)

If you’re having issues shipping out any pairs you’ve sold because your local UPS store is closed and you cannot schedule a pickup, please email [email protected] so we are aware of your situation.  Please be safe and stay warm.