Accessories - February 11, 2020

StockX Gift Guide | Valentine's Day Edition

Morgan Baylis

Morgan is a writer and sneaker analyst based in Detroit, MI. He is the Content Coordinator of StockX.

Is it love? Lust? Or are you still in search of what your relationship means to you? With decisions pending, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the challenge to give the perfect gift has officially begun. The fact that you are even considering getting a gift is a sign that this is important, so you don’t want to give the wrong impression. This is where we can help.

Whether you want to show your creative side, hint at future plans of travel, or just embrace the commercial holiday spirit, we have some leads to point you in the right direction and win over their heart. No matter what kind of significant other you are to your favorite friend we’ve got some suggestions for the perfect gift.

Valentine's Day


We are constantly in motion, seeking new opportunities every day that lead to changes in our lives. One day we wake up wanting to work out more, switch dietary lifestyles, or even change careers. If your love remains the same regardless of sudden changes, you might be a supportive partner.

It is a popular belief that balling in workout fits can encourage anyone to work out more, but the urge can quickly fade resulting in a Valentine’s gift gone to waste. This is why the best fitness gifts from a supportive partner can double as daily wear. Everything from a quick jog to casual outings, the New Balance 990v5 offers comfort in all settings and is a great sneaker to have in your closet. If you’d rather consider an entire outfit, rather than just sneakers, your crush or lover doesn’t need a gym membership to enjoy Off-White’s athleisure collection with Nike

The Prada Re-Edition 2005 Shoulder Bag offers backup space for priority items so they don’t get lost in the shuffle if your SO is someone who is taking on more responsibilities and tasks and you need to show them your support for their side hustles. Plus the side pouch makes it easy for bae to answer your call without making their purse look like a tornado hit.

If you feel tentative about jamming more clothes to your Valentine’s limited closet space, The Kaws Together Figure can deliver the same feeling of love for when you aren’t there.


As American poet RiffRaff would say, nobody wants any of that “middle of the mall shit”. If your goal is to show off your creative side with this Vday gift, don’t buy another weighted blanket – let grandma come through with that for their birthday. Think outside the box and let your Valentine shine with this year’s gift.

You can’t give the gift of time, you are missing a few Infinity Stones to be able to do that. What you can do is gift a pair of sneakers to your love that will stop people in their tracks and ask themselves “Is that a watch on your shoe?” The Jordan 1 Mid SE Fearless Melody Ehsani (W) is a sneaker unlike any that we have seen. Between the asymmetric color scheme and the attached watch bezels, it is a pure show stopper that anyone can love. If you want to spend more quality time together, why Netflix and Chill when you can put your minds together to create a Kaws masterpiece? This Kaws Puzzle will guarantee some extra alone time with your lover.

If your partner is a connoisseur of art and design, show your appreciation for the arts with merch from Virgil’s MCA exhibit. Nobody is doing it better than Virgil so don’t settle for anything less. Figures of Speech was Virgil’s first solo exhibition, so let’s this gift be the first exhibit of your love.

If you feel your Valentine needs another white tee like they need a hole in the head, add a creative flair to their accessory game with the Casio G-Shock Keith Haring. Your lover isn’t like the rest, so why should their watch be? This G-Shock transforms from standard timepiece to a work of art the closer you get as Haring’s figures become apparent.

You could also fake your Valentine out with the Louis Vuitton Tower Monogram purse. At first, they will think you blew a bag on a luxurious game of Jenga, but it’s actually a purse that can hold all of their things in a vibrant flex. And think of all the creative ways you can set that up; there’s nothing like a bottle of wine, a dozen red roses, and a bogus game of Jenga to get the juices flowing.


Every relationship is different, but tell us if this sounds familiar: when you first met your Valentine you had butterflies in your stomach not knowing where it would lead, but now that you have spent some time together you realize a relationship isn’t all smiles and laughs. If you have been with your person through thick and thin and have crossed from the rocky road to the old dependable, give a gift that embodies the strength of your relationship. 

Your love survives in any climate so you should gift a sneaker that does the same. The Air Jordan 1 Royal has been a wardrobe staple since 1985 because it is appropriate for any condition. Whether it’s a night out on the town or shoveling snow off the driveway, the Jordan 1 gets the job done regardless. Plus blue just feels calm and dependable.

The qualities that get your relationship through those rainy days are your best qualities and nothing says weatherproof better than Gore-Tex. The Supreme x The North Face Expedition Jacket is the ultimate storm stopper not only for warding off the rain, but also keeping your boo just as warm as your heart.

Nothing says “Dependable” like a well-oiled machine, and if after overcoming the unexpected that pops up in every relationship, your love has started to work hum along like a song, a figure like the Sorayama x Mickey Bearbrick can embody how invincible your love is. 

Everytime we step out of the house we subconsciously recite a poem dedicated to our essential items: “Phone, Keys, Wallet”. Your lover needs a dependable way to transport these crucial possessions. With these specs in mind, the Dior X RIMOWA Personal Clutch On Strap is the bag to hold your bae down. Its aluminum shell ensures that valuable items (including their heart) won’t get crushed.

As proud iPhone and Apple Watch users, we acknowledge that our electronics are known for dying at the worst times. You don’t want your Valentine lost in the world not even knowing what time it is. The Rolex Submariner 114060 will have your boo’s back at all times, no outlet needed.

Wild Side

We all tend to reveal our wild side after spending more time with the person we want to cuff and finally feeling comfortable. It is the moment when your crush reveals that untamed energy when you realize you are instantly hooked. Your Valentine is truly who they are when they’re with you and you are appreciative that they have chosen you to share these moments with. A side that not many get to see may be the best side to embrace in a gift to show your boo that you really see them.

If your love currently has a low key wardrobe, help them express how wild and fun they really are. Add some untamed heat to their rotation with the Jordan 3 SE Animal Instinct. These sneakers can become the hero to any toned down fit. If your Valentine is as bold of a personality as you think they are, add the Cactus Plant Flea Market Leopard Zip Work Shirt to their closet. You will have no trouble spotting your bae in the function, for they will be the center of attention.

If your partner doesn’t let PETA stop them from getting a fit off, go Crocodile Dundee and bless your boo with the Hermes Birkin Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Matte 35. This is a sure-fire way to start a conversation, although we can’t guarantee it will always be the one they want.

Maybe your partner wants to keep their wild side within the boundaries of your relationship. That’s perfectly fine! Keep it amongst yourselves with the Murakami x BAIT Dob Figure. It may look like just a collectible to guests, but to you it can represent something more.


Trips and vacations are only as valuable as the memories you make on them. Use this year’s Valentine’s Day to show your partner that you are ready to pack your bags and create new memories. It doesn’t mean you have to surprise them with a hike through the Amazon, just prepare them for those unexpected adventures that bring the two of you closer together.

Good boots go a long way and the Yeezy Desert Boot goes longer – almost as long as your love. From casual wear to day-long hikes, these boots are built to keep your sweetheart comfortable. Just make sure when you’re out on the trails you also prevent sunburn. You can’t kiss your partner if their nose is burnt. Keep them shaded in style with the Supreme Stone Island Camo Boonie hat. Don’t forget that each mile you trek along the way adds up to a serious workout. An Apple Watch is the perfect way to help your Valentine track their daily health goals and message you while their phone is away.

Life has a habit of getting complicated and there are times that your partner can’t travel exactly how they want. In this case, you can help them give the illusion that they travel a lot. The Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack Flags GM scream “world-class traveler” while still being wearable for day-to-day errands.

Valentine's Day


Everybody loves a night out with great food, expensive wine, and close friends. But you may be the kind of couple that spends a majority of the week cuddled up on the couch after work watching Real Housewives. If both of your work schedules are hectic and you want to get the most out of your time together this Valentine’s Day, invest in your alone time and express how comfortable you feel with your lover with this year’s VDay gift.

We don’t know anybody who prefers to wear jeans to movie night. Leave the going out clothes for going out and give your partner what they want: comfort. The Kith Treats x Cinnamon Toast Crunch Robe was created for cuddling and would make a great addition to anyone’s closet.

If your Valentine has a gluten allergy, the Yeezy Slide is a good alternative to stay comfortable not only in your home but outside as well.

We all know that movie nights on the couch end up with your lover falling asleep mid-movie and that’s perfectly fine, especially when they’re in your arms. The Virgil Abloh x IKEA Duvet can boss up any existing bed spread and give your partner the beauty rest they need so that they can continue to be the love of your life.

Coziness can also be taken to go. If your bank account can justify it, the Louis Vuitton Sleepall Monogram Puffer 60 bag can double as a luxurious cushion that your Valentine can rest their little spoiled head on. Flexing this hard can be exhausting.


Sometimes the timing just isn’t right. If your first Valentine’s Day together happened to come early in your relationship it can get a little complicated. Like damn, you just put a label on things a few weeks ago! You are now in a situation where you don’t want to give your Valentine something they will flex with your predecessor if you break up, but you also don’t want to show up empty-handed. It’s tricky but we got you covered.

You are in the moment with your newfound love and the future is unclear. There might be an expiration date but that doesn’t mean your time together has to lack quality. The Nike VaporFly has proven this. In fact, the VaporFly is so high in quality that they have even been banned from some competitive track events, not including the Tokyo Olympics (They know what’s up). Would you guess a technological marvel like these would have an expiration of 200-250 miles? Exactly.

The chances of you and your Valentine being in the honeymoon phase is high so we imagine you are eating spaghetti Lady and the Tramp style. If this is the case, a Supreme Hanes white tee is as temporary as you can get because it’s affordable but also white tees last only as long as they stay white. In a world as filthy as ours, that’s not very long.

If you are really feeling your love might last a little longer, you can go against what your friends are warning you and ball out on a Gucci x Comme Des Garcons Paper Tote for the bae. The paper will eventually shed away with wear, but the memories will last forever.

Conversely, if this Holiday has reminded you how much you don’t like relationships, send a blatant reminder to your crush that your time together is limited with this Virgil Abloh x IKEA “TEMPORARY” Wall Clock. After all, nothing is built to last.



Is Valentine’s Day your favorite holiday of all time? Are you the kind of person to pre-order those boxes of chocolates and Edible Arrangements? If you are going all out for the holiday to make this the best Valentine’s Day yet, there are a ton of options. Chocolates and roses have a short lifespan, and they’re a little old hat. You want your Valentine to remember this day for the rest of their lives so let’s play cupid and strike your love with a gift that will last as long as your love.

The Air Jordan 3 SE Fire Red is the perfect sneaker to gift to your partner this Valentine’s Day. Just like the holiday itself, the Jordan 3 is historic. It is one of the best sneakers to grace this Earth and will always be in style. A legendary sneaker served in a Fire Red colorway will deliver the same feeling of passion and love that a classic red rose will, except the soft tumbled leather will never wilt.

You don’t have to forfeit the romantic feeling that comes with a bouquet, there are other options that won’t expire. The Cactus Plant Flea Market x Human Made We’re Good! Sweatshirt is an arrangement your bae can wear every day. Unless they have too many hoodies (sounds fake, but okay). In that case, a Murakami Flower Cushion can decorate your Valentine’s room without requiring extra sunlight or water.  The Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere Monogram 50 Foliage is another option for florals that will never die. This work of art is a bouquet that will belong in a museum one day.

If flowers aren’t your thing and you just want to give some sugar to your sugar, the Casio G-Shock Baby-G is a good way to add sweetness to any outfit.



It’s true that Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, but this isn’t restricted to romantic relationships. We have love in all of our relationships whether it’s with family, friends, or most importantly, ourselves. You don’t need an excuse to take care of your number one, but if you want one now is the time to ball out! Invest in some pieces that will best present your individuality to the world!

The Nike Dunk Low SB “What The Dunk” is the ultimate flex of exclusivity. The design is a montage of highlights, comprised of the best SB Dunk colorways to exist. Nothing says “I love myself” like investing in yourself. These sneakers are extremely limited and going up in price by the day. Balling out today could result in a wise investment in the future.

If you aren’t the biggest sneakerhead, you can flex equally as hard with the Rolex Daytona 116595RBOW or this Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere Monogram 50 Prism. Purchasing these items without consultation would create mayhem in any committed relationship, so good thing you are single.

Like with anything else, your relationship status and needs will change so you need clothes that will change too. The Nike x Tom Sachs Exploding Poncho is dynamic in the sense that it doubles as a bag. It doesn’t need to rain for you to get maximum wear out of this revolutionary piece but you’ll be prepared for whatever the future holds.

If you have contemplated all of these options and are still in your feelings about not having someone to call your lover this Valentine’s Day, you should cop the Kaws Small Lie Figure because we think it feels lonely as well. Just don’t forget that This Too Shall Pass, and all that’s required for a better future is patience.