December 20, 2019

Supreme 25th Anniversary: Champion Collaborations

Elhadji Mare

Elhadji Is a Content Manager and Copywriter @ StockX

Every year when we see an updated Supreme lookbook, we know what we can expect: a Champion collaboration. Champion and Supreme have been together since 2009, flushing out new designs and keeping fans of both brands satisfied. Every collaboration leans on Champion’s bread and butter, heavily centered around sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants and coach jackets. Check out some of our favorites that Supreme and Champion have been working on for the last installment to our Supreme 25th anniversary archive.

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2015: Leather Coach Jackets

Many people look to Champion as their “everything-grey-sweats” dealer, but in 2015, Supreme delivered, what had to be the most luxe piece from their now 10 year partnership. The humble coaches jacket was met with an entire leather remake. The two dropped four jackets in white, red, black and navy, alongside the rest of Supreme’s Fall/Winter collection. Of course, they sold out instantly and are now hard to come by. Despite it being 4 years since they dropped, two of the jackets can be found on StockX selling for $1,000.

2017: Color Blocked Jacket

Another one of our favorite pieces has to be from Supreme’s 2017 Fall/Winter collection. Introducing the color blocked varsity jacket. Despite being designed with natural colors, like clay and dark mustard yellow, the jacket definitely helps whoever wears it stand out from the rest. This jacket can be found on our site for a little under $300, not bad if you’re already prepping your spring closet rotation.

2018: Stay in School Crewnecks + Satin Varsity Jackets


Supreme brands itself as extremely rebellious and ‘too cool for school’ so it came as a bit of shock to see their 2018 drop be the complete opposite. For the spring, the two brands released crewnecks with the phrase “Be A Champion, Stay in School” boldly plastered on the pieces, in an assortment of yellows and light purples. This collection of sweatshirts can be found on our site for the low, ranging from $150-255. If you ever feel less motivated while in Chemistry 101, copping this sweatshirt can make you feel more like a champion and less like a wannabe dropout.

Following their S/S collection, Champion and Supreme released a logo heavy array of hooded varsity jackets for the Fall/Winter collection. Champion is no stranger to the bold use of their logo for Supreme releases and they did not hold back for these jackets. Releasing in black, navy, red, and green, the jackets retailed for $218 and can be found flipping for close to $400.

2019: Chromed Out Logos

For their 2019 drop, the two streetwear entities decided on a chrome treatment. All the tees, sweatshirts, and sweatpants received a chromed-out logo, featuring both Supreme and Champion on the front. If you were around for the early 2000s wave of big-chrome rims and giant pendants for chains, this latest drop is right up your alley. Pieces can be found at various price points, with some even going below retail.

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