Best Supreme Box Logos

October 9, 2020

The Best Supreme Box Logos On StockX

Nick Matthies

Nick Matthies is a Content Manager at StockX.

The best Supreme Box Logo t-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks on StockX that celebrate everything from store openings to anniversaries.

The best Supreme Box Logo t-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks on StockX that celebrate everything from store openings to anniversaries.

The Supreme Box Logo is undeniably the most iconic streetwear item to ever exist. First released on Supreme’s opening day in SoHo in 1994, the Box Logo has since become one of the most renowned and desirable logos in the world. Celebrities from Kate Moss to Virgil Abloh to Kanye West to Tyler, The Creator have all cosigned the brand, sporting Supreme Box Logos for all to see around the world. Here at StockX, we’ve got a pretty wide selection and the addition of the Supreme Box Logo L/S T-shirt just took our grand total up to over 90 variations of the highly sought-after t-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks. To make your shopping experience a little bit easier, we’ve gone ahead and selected some of the best Supreme Box Logos on StockX. Read on!

Supreme Box Logo L/S Tee

Supreme Box Logo L/S (FW20)

In FW20, Supreme released a long sleeve t-shirt version of their highly-coveted box logo for the first time in the brand’s 26 year history. The release followed several years of rumors that the shirts would eventually drop after Supreme issued a friends and family version of the long sleeve box logo t-shirt in 2012.  While short sleeve BOGO tees have become a staple for all Supreme and streetwear collectors, this version takes that very same look onto a long sleeve tee. The Supreme Box Logo Long Sleeve T-shirts released on October 8th, 2020 in six different colorways, of which the most popular so far is the white and red version. Supreme collectors will be excited to grab every colorway of the original drop of the long sleeves, like they’ve been with almost all BOGO drops so far. Shop Supreme Box Logo L/S T-shirts on StockX below.

Supreme Takashi Murakami Box Logo

Supreme Takashi Murakami COVID-19 Box Logo (SS20)

In April 2020, Supreme teamed up with Takashi Murakami to release a collaborative box logo t-shirt at the height of the COVID-19 stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines. Proceeds from this Supreme Box Logo T-shirt went to HELP USA to benefit youth and families facing homelessness during the crisis. It’s the t-shirt’s collaborative nature that set it apart from the other box logos on this list, though. The only other collaborative box logo for sale on StockX is the from the Supreme Swarovski collection but being sold only at Louis Vuitton locations, that collection was far less attainable than this one. The t-shirt features Takashi Murakami’s 2013 work, Skulls and Flowers Red, inside the Supreme Box Logo, creating a one-of-a-kind collaboration that may go down as the biggest streetwear item of 2020. Shop the Supreme Takashi Murakami COVID-19 Box Logo T-shirt on StockX below.

Supreme Box Logo 20th Anniversary

Supreme 20th Anniversary Box Logo T-shirt (SS14)

In honor of their 20th year in business, Supreme released a small capsule of OG t-shirts in April 2014. The release most notably revived two of Supreme’s most iconic t-shirts, the original Supreme Box Logo T-shirt and the Taxi Driver T-shirt. The 20th Anniversary Box Logos deviated very little from the original box logo t-shirts released in 1994. These tees were released in eight colorways, including a white and black, and all feature the Supreme Red Box Logo on the chest. Since the release in 2014, these Supreme t-shirts have become extremely rare, trading for over $1,000 USD on StockX. A Supreme Box Logo t-shirt of the original design, like the 20th Anniversary editions, has not been released since 2014. Shop Supreme 20th Anniversary Box Logo T-shirts on StockX below.

Supreme Box Logo Crewneck

Supreme Box Logo Crewnecks (FW18)

Sometimes the best flex is a simple one. While most of the Supreme Box Logos on this list are nuanced by anniversary, store opening, or collaboration, the FW18 crewneck release was a must add for this list due to its simplicity and regality. Having released in nine colorways, the FW18 Supreme Box Logo Crewneck is versatile and easy to wear. Nearly every single color will easily fit into your wardrobe . The black and grey crewnecks are the two most popular on StockX but the dark green and mustard colorways are a fun way to spice things up if you want to get a little more crazy. Since their release, these Supreme Box Logo Crewnecks have been some of the most popular sweatshirts on StockX and it’s pretty obvious why; you just can’t beat the classics. Shop every colorway of the FW18 Supreme Box Logo Crewneck on StockX below!

Supreme Swarovski Box Logo

Supreme Swarovski Box Logos (SS19)

Supreme’s Swarovski Box Logo released in April 2019, in honor of the brand’s 25th year in business. The drop included three t-shirts and four hoodies, all of which featured Supreme Box Logos made of Swarovski crystals. Due to the fact that their logos were made from crystals, retail prices for these box logos were far higher than usual with the t-shirts releasing at $398 USD and the hoodies at $598 USD. Somewhat surprisingly, price premiums for the pieces haven’t been out of control. Not one of the Supreme Swarovski Box Logo t-shirts or hoodies has an average price premium of over 100% and although the prices are still astronomical, those who have the funds don’t need to spend that much more than what the shirts originally released for. If the flex you’re looking for is bigger than the average box logo but you can’t shell out nearly $5,000 for Supreme x Louis Vuitton, the Swarovski capsule is for you. Shop every Supreme Swarovski Box Logo on StockX below.

Supreme Brooklyn Box Logo

Supreme Brooklyn Box Logo T-shirt (FW17)

For anyone looking to get their hands on a less traditional, very exclusive box logo t-shirt, the tee released for the opening of Supreme Brooklyn may be the one. The shirts, which feature a yellow camouflage Supreme box logo, released in-store at the Brooklyn location on October 5th, 2017, and then online just a few days later on October 9th. Similar to the San Francisco Box Logo, proceeds from this t-shirt were donated by Supreme to charity, this time to United for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria left the country devastated. Shop the rare yellow camouflage Supreme Brooklyn Box Logo T-shirt on StockX below!

Supreme Box Logo Paris

Supreme Paris Box Logo T-shirt (SS16)

Supreme’s Paris location opened up on March 10th, 2016, and as is tradition, a brand new box logo t-shirt was released on the same day. The Supreme Paris Box Logo set itself apart for its undeniable minimalism. Though it’s still a box logo and still features the brand name, the black on white design does so in a way that demands far less attention than Supreme red. Much like the cities’ residents, the Paris Box logo does not need your attention but it will take it if you want to give it. The back of the t-shirt features the phrase “Bonjour Madame” above the store’s opening date in a font similar to that of Les Misérable. For a more minimal Supreme Box Logo T-shirt, shop the Paris Tee below!