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Nike Adapt Auto Max Black Green (US Charger)

Nike Adapt Auto MaxBlack Green (US Charger)

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The Nike Adapt Auto Max Black Green (US Charger) was released as part of a collection of Nike's self-lacing sneakers.

The Adapt Auto Max Black Green (US Charger) features a sleek black upper and base, with green accents on the sole and heel. The sneaker's upper is made of durable and breathable material that provides comfort and support to your feet. It also comes with a wireless charging pad, so you can charge your sneakers and keep them ready to go at all times. The sneaker's battery life provides up to two weeks of usage, depending on how often you use the self-lacing system.

The most exciting feature of the Nike Adapt Auto Max Black Green (US Charger) is its "self-lacing" technology, which allows you to adjust the fit of your sneakers with the touch of a button. The sneaker's advanced technology works by using a motorized system embedded in the sole that automatically tightens or loosens the laces according to your preference. The shoe was released on June 18th, 2020, at a retail price of $400.

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