Hermes Constance

The Constance bag was first launched in 1969 and is a member of the "Holy Trinity" of the Hermès luxury handbags. The Hermès Constance bag is a remarkably adaptable accessory that looks as chic when worn formally or informally. A conspicuous "H" closure made of gold, palladium, exotic skin, or enamel fastens the wide front flap. The Hermès Constance line features today a plethora of belt colors. The Hermès Constance H Belt, an important addition to the Hermès Constance collection is crafted in France. The Hermès Constance H Belt is made of brushed permabrass-plated metal. This belt has a reversible leather strap made of Chamonix 135 and Togo calfskin. This Constance by Hermès also comes in a variety of colors, with red and black being the most common hues for this product. In the latest years the color palette has expanded vastly and now you can find more than 50 colors and and designs. From the classics, to the pastels and the bolder and brighter colors, the choices are endless. The Hermès Constance III is one of the most known staples of the Hermès Constance line. This collection of bags comes in a variety of colors, with red, orange, black, white, and gold being the dominant hues. The bright yellow and the lively green are choice colors as well. On its "H" clasp, which fastens the bag's top flap, the Hermès Constance bag displays the brand's initial. You can find it in silver, pale and yellow gold and black. These bags come with just a single carrying strap.





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Hermes Swift Constance 24 Gris Perle

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