Reebok Kamikaze IINocturnal

Reebok Kamikaze II Nocturnal
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The "Nocturnal" Reebok Kamikaze II took the traditional material choices for Shawn Kemp’s signature model and gave it a modern day twist. When the Kamikaze II originally released in 1995, it caught the attention of sneakerheads thanks to its bold design with contrasting panels on the upper that made it easily recognizable whether you were seeing the "Reign Man" in person or through a grainy analog television feed. Until 2013, the Kamikaze II never returned as a retro but when it did, Reebok took the opportunity to get creative with the colorways. The Kamikaze II "Nocturnal" gets its nickname thanks to the dark color combination of black and "Nocturnal" snakeskin-like finish on the upper, which is accented with neon yellow and white details that fittingly seem to represent the way the stars contrast against the night’s dark sky. Although the Nocturnal Kamikaze II features a snakeskin-like finish on the contrasting panels, it was not considered a "Year of the Snake" release, though it easily could have been. As Shawn Kemp’s second signature, the Kamikaze II may be better appreciated for bolder color combinations and high-flying, posterizing dunks and the storyline of Reebok Kamikaze II "Nocturnal" never really caught on with sneakerheads, making it one of the least popular versions at the time of its release in November of 2013.