Souvenir Official EUNIFY SPECIAL DropX HoodieBlack

Souvenir Official EUNIFY SPECIAL DropX Hoodie Black
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Founded in Berlin circa 2017, Souvenir Official has made a name with "opinion-wear" pieces that make bold, unifying statements. Such is the case with their signature EUNIFY hoodie, which originally released in summer of 2020 and now gets an exclusive, all-black spin exclusive to StockX. The new EUNIFY hoodie features the same front design mimicking the European Union’s ring of stars flag and a call to "PROTECT PEACE" on the back. One star is missing on the front design as a nod to the Brexit vote which inspired founders David Mallon and Karin Önder to start the label.

The hoodie is made from 100% organic cotton and brushed fleece in an eco-friendly factory. It also features an embroidered Souvenir Official logo on the sleeve. This is the first and only time the hoodie will release in an all-black colorway, limited to only 92 units available at €110 exclusively via DropX.