Supreme KAWS Chalk Logo Hooded SweatshirtWashed Navy

    Supreme KAWS Chalk Logo Hooded Sweatshirt Washed Navy

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    This Supreme KAWS hoodie was dropped as a part of the two brand's first collaborations in nearly a decade, with their most recent release taking place in 2011.

    The Supreme KAWS Chalk Logo Hoodie shares the same design as the release in 2011, bringing it back from the dead to make it available to a whole new generation of customer. The hoodie features a KAWS designed white chalk-drawn Supreme Box Logo on the chest of the brand's heavyweight crossgrain cotton fleece. This hoodie was released in seven colorways and the same design can be found on five skate decks that also released on the same day.

    This Supreme KAWS Chalk Logo Hoodie was made available on February 18th, 2021, at the retail price of $158 USD.

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