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adidas Ultra Boost Laceless

Following the early success of the adidas Ultra Boost in the mid-2010s, adidas set out to capitalize on it by releasing a handful of different sneakers that featured the brand’s patented Boost technology. In 2017, adidas decided to put out a special adidas Ultra Boost Laceless sneaker that included a lot of the same features found in regular Ultra Boost sneakers — minus the shoelaces.

The adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Mid Triple White helped introduce the new laceless version of the Ultra Boost to the world. It eliminated the traditional lacing system from the equation and replaced it with a slip-on design, while still allowing it to maintain its reputation as a well-respected running sneaker. It included a PrimeKnit upper, Boost technology in the midsole, and enough compression to stop the shoes from sliding off a person’s feet for no reason.

Since then, adidas has continued to corner the market when it comes to the laceless craze by releasing many other Ultra Boost Laceless options. From the basic adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Mid Triple Black to the cheery adidas Ultra Boost Laceless White Scarlet, there isn’t any shortage of options for those searching for laceless Ultra Boost sneakers from adidas. Whether you plan to purchase a pair for running or to wear in more casual settings, these laceless adidas sneakers now come in so many colors.

StockX can help you secure the adidas Ultra Boost Laceless sneakers you want in the color you’re looking for. Sneak a peek at some of the options available to you here.

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