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New Balance 530 Beige Angora

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New Balance has for a long time been one of the global leaders when it comes to athletic footwear. The shoe brand got its rise to prominence with the ‘Trackster’ in 1972, which at the time was the only running shoe with a ripple sole to provide better traction for runners. They then followed this with the New Balance 320, the 420, and then the 990 in 1982, each coming in with subtle improvements and innovations from its predecessor to satisfy the demands of the runners. Mehr
Since then, New Balance has expanded its horizons to focus on more than just athletic performance and stability. They have released a host of different iterations that provide style and flavor to suit different markets and provide you with a shoe that you can not only run a marathon in but also style out with different outfits when heading for social outings. They have also collaborated with a range of fashion brands such as J. Crew, Concepts, and Levi’s, among others, to produce special edition sneakers. Most silhouettes of the New Balance today are easily identifiable through their iconic ‘N’ logo which is usually plastered on the side panel and can be seen from afar. They also feature the New Balance logo either on the tongue or heel area and more often than not you will see a marker for the line it belongs to somewhere on the side. For instance, the New Balance 550 will have the number 550 on the front of the side panel while the New Balance 992 has the number 992 slightly above the heel area.