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Balenciaga Speed Recycled Black White (Women's) 0

Balenciaga Speed RecycledBlack White (Women's)

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The Balenciaga Speed Recycled Black White for women is a pioneering step towards sustainable fashion, combining Balenciaga's iconic design with an eco-conscious ethos. This iteration of the Speed Trainer retains its signature sleek silhouette and sock-like comfort, while introducing recycled materials into its construction. It's a sneaker that not only looks good but also does good, appealing to those who prioritize both style and sustainability.

Featuring a black knit upper crafted from recycled yarns, this sneaker is accented with a white textured sole, offering a stark and stylish contrast. The minimalistic design is enhanced by the Balenciaga logo on the side, subtly blending into the sneaker's futuristic aesthetic. It's a testament to Balenciaga's commitment to innovation, offering a high-fashion sneaker that's both environmentally responsible and effortlessly chic.

Released on September 1, 2021, for $795, the Balenciaga Speed Recycled Black White (Women's) marked a significant moment in the luxury sneaker market. Its launch celebrated the fusion of cutting-edge design and environmental stewardship, making it a sought-after piece for the fashion-forward, eco-aware individual.

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