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If you are a Seller in the US shipping an item designated as dangerous goods, you can find shipping instructions in our FAQ: How do I ship dangerous goods?

  1. Go to My Account > Selling > Pending. Here you will be able to access and print your shipping label and order invoice. Place the printed invoice inside the original packaging of the product being sold.  (Please note that StockX shipping labels are based on the shipping address listed on your account. Items should only be shipped using the shipping label generated for your sale.)
  2. Place the product’s packaging into a bigger and sufficiently sized mailing box that is no more than 5 cm larger than your item on each side. Remove all HAZMAT warnings, labels and stickers from the shipping parcel.
  3. Use bubble wrap and/or packing wrap to ensure your item is secure while in transit.
  4. Seal the package across the side flaps and the seams on the top and bottom of the shipping box using 5 cm or wider packing tape. Do not use masking tape, sticky tape, duct tape or string to secure the package, or wrap it in paper.
  5. Tape and secure the shipping label provided by StockX to the outside of your shipping box.  

Drop off your sealed package at an authorised UPS location to be sent off. To find your closest UPS location, visit If you do not have a UPS near you, you can visit to see if there is a third-party Access Point Drop-off nearby. For information regarding claims liability when using a third-party, refer to our FAQ: What happens if my item gets lost or damaged while buying or selling on StockX?

NB: If you use an access point or a third-party service to ship your package, this may cause a delay in your order showing as shipped. An order will not be marked as "en route" until the origin scan from the carrier has been received. Due to possible delays in item scanning when using an access point, this may affect any Quick Ship Bonuses or cause an order to be cancelled if it is not received in time by the carrier from the access point.

In some rare cases, packages may be lost or damaged during the shipping process to StockX. For this reason, we request that all Sellers obtain a drop-off receipt and keep it until the order is complete.

International Shipping

For international shipments, you may be required to include a commercial invoice. If so, it will be provided with your shipping label.  Please bring all three copies with you to your drop-off location where they can help you to attach it to the outside of the shipping box for access by customs. 

Sellers in most countries will ship with UPS, and Sellers in certain regions throughout Southeast Asia will ship with either SF Express, DHL or ECMS. 

If you are shipping from Hong Kong, mainland China, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam, please visit this blog post about Express carriers in many countries and regions in Asia for more information about your shipping carrier. 

If you are shipping with SF Express, you can either drop off your item or have it picked up. At the time of drop-off or pick-up, you may be required to open the package to ensure that you are shipping what you have declared on the shipping label.

If shipping from Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam, you will need to ship sold items with DHL. Visit to find an authorised DHL location near you to drop off your sealed package.
Check out our blog on How to Properly Ship your Item to StockX for more detailed shipping information. Please remember that StockX is not responsible for items which are not not packaged or shipped properly.

Specific shipping instructions for international territories can be found on our blog. 

Specific instructions for shipping trading cards can be found on this blog: StockX Graded Trading Cards Shipping Guide.

Specific Instructions for shipping Funko Pop! figures can be found on this blog: How to Properly Ship your Funko Pop! to StockX.

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