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Collectibles - October 1, 2019

StockX Graded Trading Cards Shipping Guide

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Now that you’ve sold your trading card on StockX, it’s time to pack it up and ship it off. This post will help ensure your package is successfully accepted at all StockX authentication centers.

You now have 2 business days to either drop off at the nearest UPS store location (which you can find right here) or schedule a UPS pickup at your home or office.

Before you rush out the door to send your trading card to our authentication facility, please read this. While shipping may seem simple and easy, it can easily go wrong (trust us, we’ve seen a lot). In addition, the condition of your trading card slab is of utmost importance, and we want to make sure everything stays clean and undamaged on the way to us. So follow these instructions to make sure everything goes smoothly. As a reminder, StockX is not responsible for items not packaged properly. 


Step 1: Place your card into a plastic graded card sleeve.

Since case condition is of utmost importance, we recommend sleeving your trading card.  Any significant scratches to your slab will void your sale.


Step 2: Place your trading card into a small bubble mailer or protective sleeve.

This will help ensure that your card will be packaged more tightly with less risk of damage in transit.  Any cracks or chipping on your slab will void your sale.


Step 3: Place your card into a larger bubble mailer.

The bubble mailer for shipping should be #0 which is approximately 7×10 inches.  This size bubble mailer will safely hold your slab in a protective sleeve or a smaller size bubble mailer without making it too loose.


Step 4: Place your invoice in the larger bubble mailer  with the product.


Step 5: Tape or attach the provided UPS label to the outside of the shipping bubble mailer.


Now just as a friendly reminder, below is a list of things NOT to do when shipping your trading card…


Do NOT send us a box with any personal items or receipts. You would be surprised by the weird stuff we get.

StockX will  not accept slabs that are chipped, cracked, or have major scratches. 

Do NOT send your card in a bubble mailer or box that is too big with no smaller bubble mailer or protective sleeve.

Do NOT send us a bubble mailer with HAZMAT stickers on it.
This is illegal! If using a bubble mailer with these stickers or labels you MUST remove them before sending.

Do NOT send us a trading card in a plain white envelope.
Trust us, it will damage the slab and void your sale.

Do NOT use anything besides UPS.


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