Collectibles - May 28, 2020

A Brief History of Virgil Abloh IKEA Rugs

Reviewing every Virgil Abloh IKEA rug released to date.

Reviewing every Virgil Abloh IKEA rug released to date.

In a period of less than two years, Virgil Abloh IKEA Rugs have gone from a rare novelty to a staple in the modern living spaces of young people everywhere. The simplistic yet unmistakable designs can be seen in homes all over the world and on Instagram accounts in seemingly endless supply. These rugs weren’t nearly as widespread upon their initial release, and today we take a brief look at the history of these Virgil Abloh IKEA Rugs and how they’ve performed over time. 


Virgil Abloh x IKEA “BLUE” Rug

Released during Paris Fashion Week on September 29th, 2018, this “BLUE” rug was a part of the original four designs that were released exclusively in Paris in 2018. This Virgil Abloh IKEA Rug features an all-red design with the word “BLUE” ironically printed in the middle. This is one of the most rare Virgil Abloh IKEA rugs, selling for an average price of around $1,400 on StockX at the time of the writing. 


Virgil Abloh x IKEA “GREY” Rug

Similar to the “BLUE” rug, this “GREY” rug features an all-black design with the word “GREY” in the center. The plain yet easily identifiable rug makes for the most subtle rug in the collection to date. However, this rug hasn’t achieved quite the resale interest as the “BLUE” rug with an average sale price of around $850 at the time of this writing. Still, this Virgil Abloh IKEA rug sells for quite a bit over retail despite underperforming versus some of the others. 

Virgil Abloh x IKEA “STILL LOADING” Rug

Perhaps the most unique Virgil Abloh IKEA rug to date, the “STILL LOADING” rug features a partially pixelated and only half visible image of a mountainous landscape. True to its title, the rug looks like a half loaded digital image with a significant portion of the rug being all-white. It’s unique nature has earned it a hefty price tag on StockX with an average sale price of over $1,300 at the time of this writing.

Virgil Abloh x IKEA “KEEP OFF” Rug (135×195 CM)

The most recognizable Virgil Abloh IKEA Rug design is certainly the “KEEP OFF” rug, which looks like a vintage rug your parents might own with the words “KEEP OFF” boldly printed in the center. While this rug didn’t start out that valuable, it might be wise to not walk on it as prices have shot up since it’s initial release with an average sale price of around $1,200 despite being one of the smaller Virgil Abloh IKEA Rugs. 

Virgil Abloh x IKEA “KEEP OFF” Rug (200×300 CM)

Perhaps the most common and sought after Virgil Abloh IKEA Rug is this “KEEP OFF” rug, which measures significantly larger than it’s prior counterpart at 200×300 CM. This rug was the first of Virgil’s IKEA Rugs to release globally, sparking long lines at IKEA stores around the world during its release on April 6th, 2019. While the rug initially traded barely above its original retail price of $500, prices have shot up dramatically over the past year with current market prices sitting around three times that at $1,500. Not a bad investment. 


Virgil Abloh x IKEA “WET GRASS” Rug

Abloh’s most recent rug release came alongside a capsule collection of over a dozen new items including bags, a chair, a clock, a toolkit, and much more on November 1st, 2019. The “WET GRASS” rug is the only green rug Abloh has produced to date, and also had an affordable retail price of just $249. While initial  sales were right around retail, this rug quickly shot up the charts, now selling for over $500 and selling thousands of units on StockX, making it the most popular Virgil Abloh IKEA Rug to date. 

Virgil Abloh x IKEA Receipt Rug

Last but certainly not least on our list of Virgil Abloh IKEA Rugs is the very unique Receipt Rug, which unlike it’s predecessors features a long and skinny design as opposed to the traditional rectangle we see with the other rugs. Measuring in at 201×89 CM, this rug carried a retail price of just $99, and can still be purchased for just slightly over retail. Out of all the Virgil Abloh IKEA Rugs, this one may be the best bargain right now.