August 5, 2020

Xbox Series X Rumor Roundup - The Latest On The Next Generation Console Release

The Xbox Series X is coming's what we know so far.

Since its reveal on December 12th, 2019, the hype surrounding the release of the Xbox Series X has been palpable. The next generation console sports a completely new look, upgraded specs, and dozens of new highly anticipated games. The Xbox Series X is expected to release late this year, alongside its main competitor, the new PS5. While we don’t currently have all the information on this release, we’ll continue to update this post as new details emerge. See below for all the latest on the Xbox Series X console.


What is the price of the Xbox Series X?

Source: Microsoft

While the official retail price of the Xbox Series X has not yet been announced, many sources such as Techradar are speculating that the retail price will be around $499 USD. This would make the console $100 more than its predecessor at launch, the Xbox One. 


What does the Xbox Series X controller look like?

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Series X controller, and at first glance it may look very similar to the current Xbox controller. The new Xbox Series X controller features a slightly tapered design that will be more comfortable for people with smaller hands. It also includes an enhanced d-pad and an integrated share button. Other features of the controller are very similar to the current controller.


When is the release date for the Xbox Series X?

Source: Microsoft

At this time, an official launch date has not yet been announced. Microsoft has stated that the console will release “Holiday 2020”, however no further details have been provided by the developer. Many tech blogs such as Pocket Lint are speculating that the console will release November 20th, 2020, however this has not yet been confirmed. 


What are the Xbox Series X specs?

Source: Microsoft

Full details of the Xbox Series X specs have not yet been announced, however we do know some details. The Xbox Series X will include a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU, 12 TF RDNA 2.0 Graphics card, and a next-generation SSD. Expect more details to be announced by Microsoft as we get closer to the release date. 


Can I pre-order the Xbox Series X?

Source: Microsoft

It is likely that the Xbox Series X will be available for pre-order at select retailers. However, many expect these pre-orders to sell out quickly given the demand for the Xbox Series X. It’s likely to be one of the hottest items for the 2020 holiday season. Don’t worry, because if you can’t get it in stores, it will be available on StockX.

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