April 8, 2020

The Top 5 Best KAWS Collaborations

We rank the Top 5 Best KAWS Collaborations, now available on StockX.

We rank the Top 5 Best KAWS Collaborations, now available on StockX.

Graffiti artist turned contemporary art legend KAWS (Brain Donnelly) has been on the forefront of collaborative efforts between artists and brands. While collaborations have been commonplace for sneaker and streetwear brands over the past few years, KAWS has been linking up with both niche shops and mainstream mega-brands for the better part of 20 years. 

While KAWS has had many great collaborations, we’re just looking at the top 5 best KAWS collaborations today. All are available now on StockX, just click the photos to shop. 


5. KAWS x Hypebeast Magazine

The Top 5 Best KAWS Collaborations - Hypebeast Magazine

While one of the more low key collaborations KAWS has done over the years, this collaboration with the powerhouse in “hype” news & culture offers an affordable way to own a display-worthy KAWS collaboration. The magazine comes in two different colors (pink and white) and includes a slipcover with the classic KAWS “XX” motif cut out of the front, revealing a colorful KAWS painting on the actual magazine cover, making this one of the best KAWS collaborations you can still pick up today. 


4. KAWS x Sesame Street x Uniqlo

The Top 5 Best KAWS Collaborations - Sesame Street Boxed Set

While many KAWS figures sell for hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, the artist has also been known to make his work affordable to the masses through collections that include cheap products. Purely based on the variety of products offered, the KAWS x Sesame Street x Uniqlo collaboration is easily one of the top 5 KAWS collaborations in his storied history. This collection includes dozens of t-shirt and hoodie options, but also included 5 different plush figures featuring your favorite Sesame Street characters. You can also buy them all in one go in this boxed set. 


3. KAWS x Astro Boy

The Top 5 Best KAWS Collaborations - Astro Boy Grey

Astro Boy has been a staple of Japanese manga for decades, and has himself become one of the most collectible characters in cartoon history. Of course, KAWS couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with Astro Boy, linking up for a collaboration in 2013. The result was two 15-inch figures (grey and red) which now sell for thousands over their original retail price, making them one of the ultimate grails for KAWS and Astro Boy collectors alike.


2. KAWS x Star Wars

The Top 5 Best KAWS Collaborations - Boba Fett

No list of best KAWS collaborations is complete without mentioning his work with Star War characters. The collection features characters Boba Fett (2013), a Storm Trooper (2008), & Darth Vader (2007) all of which include elements of the classic KAWS Companion. All three of these figures would be a grail piece for any collector, ranging from around $5,000 USD to $25,000 USD each. If you have the funds, however, you won’t be disappointed. 


1. KAWS x Peanuts x Uniqlo

The Top 5 Best KAWS Collaborations - Snoopy Plushes

The KAWS x Peanuts x Uniqlo collaborations are the ultimate fan favorites. Hoodies, tees, plushes, tote bags, and even house slippers were all included in this collaboration which was released in two different collections during April and November of 2017. Affordability, availability, and selection were at the forefront of these collections, with over 40 different items, all of which were sold globally at Uniqlo stores with retail prices ranging from $15 to $40 an item. Not to mention, KAWS teamed up with possibly the most iconic cartoon character of all time. What’s not to love?

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