KAWS Vinyl Figures

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KAWS Holiday Changbai Mountain Vinyl Figure Snowy White




Brian Donnelly, known professionally as world renowned street artist KAWS, began his journey with graffiti art in elementary school. 続きを読む
KAWS Vinyl Figures became a cult classic for art enthusiasts and collectors alike, following a similar art style reminiscent of cartoon characters. The KAWS Companion figure has been a staple figure for the artist. The Companion figure features a cartoon character with large shoes and gloves, which are typically covered with an “X,” a recurring motif in KAWS’ art. Other KAWS Vinyl Figures showcase variations of the Companion with an “X” over the eyes, or no eyes at all. KAWS Vinyl Figures come in a plethora of colorways, including a mix of vibrant and muted colors.