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Nike Basketball Barkley

チャールズ・バークレーはバスケットボール界で最も偉大な人物の一人。彼の代表的なアイテムである色鮮やかなナイキ バークレーをStockXで売買してみよう。

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ナイキ エア マックス 2 CB 94 トリプルブラック (2020/2023)




Today, Charles Barkley is mostly known for his personality and the comments he makes as an analyst. During his playing days, he was a huge presence both on the court and in popular culture. Barkley wore Converse shoes as a young pro before being sponsored by Nike. In 1992, he took on Godzilla in an ad for the brand. By 1994, he had his own signature shoes. Barkley's namesake shoes always reflected his larger-than-life style. Over the past decade, several of Barkley's classic shoes have been reissued, including the Air Max CB34 in 2011. Sir Charles' popular recent releases include the Nike Barkley Posite line, designed by Marc Dolce. These are available in models like the All-Star Rayguns in a black/siren red colorway, and the 76ers' Posite Max 76ers silhouette in an energy/fire colorway. These Posite shoes have a retro-futuristic look and feature classic high tops with the fashionable chunky soles of today.