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Yeezy Gap Round Jacket Black



Yeezy X GAP jackets are the products of the collaboration between Yeezy, a fashion collaboration between American entrepreneur, rapper, and Kanye West and German sportswear design company Adidas, and Gap, an American clothing and accessories retailer. These heavyweight jackets come in three colorways, OG blue, modifier black, and searing red. 続きを読む
The OG blue, modifier black, and searing red buttonless puffers are constructed from 100% cotton poplin material, a strong, crisp fabric with a silky surface made out of a plain weave of cotton fabric with fine horizontal ribs. The cotton poplin material is coated with matte PU leather, an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer. The PU leather is rubberized. Due to the nature of the materials they are constructed using, these jackets have a fine ribbed texture. They feature a round, connected collar-lapel construction, a cropped billowy front without a zipper, and a YEEZY X Gap logo tag on the inside neckline. The three colorways of Yeezy X GAP jackets made their way into the market at different times. The searing red colorway was the last of the colorways to make its way into the market. These exclusive jackets sold out minutes after their release. As a result, Kanye and GAP fully restocked the blue and black versions to keep up with the high demand.