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Diadora Mythos 280 GB SSSTUFFF Barcelona Fire

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Diadora was at the forefront of what became streetwear and athleisure. In the 1970s, they were already harnessing the power of celebrity spokespeople like Bjorn Borg. Diadora created the B. Elite for Borg in 1978 and still revisits the silhouette today, releasing a new design in 2020. Originally meant for athletic performance, the low-cut leather shoe has been popular as streetwear for decades. Diadora's throwback Heritage shoe line, made with classic leathers and autumnal colored suedes, also celebrates that 1970s era. Today, Diadora is known for brightly colored, well-crafted footwear. The brand's recent big hits include the Diadora N9002 a few Master Formula in Black/Purple. Another favorite is the Diadora Intrepid Bait x Astro Boy in Black/Red-Green.