KAWS Bearbrick

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KAWS x Bearbrick x Takara Tomy Choro-Q Figure & Car Set Grey

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World renowned street artist KAWS and Medicom Toys have collaborated to create collectibles that pay respect to iconic KAWS motifs and the Bearbrick. 더 보기
KAWS Bearbrick collectibles are some of the most popular collectibles on StockX. Some of the most coveted items in the collaboration include the “Dissected” figure. Half of the figure represents the iconic KAWS Companion figure, while the other half is the Medicom Toys’ Bearbrick. Other popular collectibles from the collaboration include the KAWS Companion Bearbrick, which showcases a hybrid figure with KAWS’ popular “X” motif across the eyes. In typical Bearbrick style, the collaborative figures come in standard sizes of 100%, 400%, and 1000%.