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Nike Air Max 97

1997년에 출시된 에어 맥스 97은 실버 불릿과 오프 화이트를 포함한 다양한 컬러웨이로 재해석됐습니다. 페이지 아래에서 최신 나이키 에어 맥스 97을 구매 및 판매하세요.

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나이키 에어 맥스 97 트리플 화이트 울프 그레이(2017/2023)

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The Nike Air Max 97 was the first sneaker to really hit home the idea of air cushioning along the full length of the sole. Tresser was inspired to create the distinctive silhouette when he witnessed a drop of water hit the surface of a pond. The ripples ended up radiating out across the surface. This concept made him think of air flowing out from the impact zone. The Nike Air Max 97 was also the first sneaker that introduced the hidden lacing system. Since its initial release with the original colorway, Silver Bullet, the Air Max 97 men's sneaker has continued to see new releases throughout the years. Many of these releases are tied to holidays and special events, such as the all-golden colorway that was created for the 2020 Olympics. One of the most exciting recent AM 97 releases was the Sean Wotherspoon 1/97 sneaker that debuted in 2018.