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The Reebok Club C is known as one of the most popular Reebok silhouettes of all time. Derived from Reebok's tennis collection in the 1980s, the Reebok Club C is a street staple and the canvas for many of the brand's collaborations. Due to the explosion of tennis fandom in the 1970s, the 1980s was met with a great demand for tennis products, specifically sneakers. Reebok entered the tennis industry in 1985 with the Reebok Phase 1, a low top sneaker constructed with leather and terry cloth. 더 보기
The following year, Reebok released the Club Champion (now known as the Club C), which was built off of the Phase 1 but included a reinforced toe wrap and removable arch support system. The Club C has noticed several modifications over the years, but the model that is most frequently used today draws inspiration from four different Reebok tennis models: the Revenge Plus, the Club Champion, the Club Classic, and the Monterey. While it isn't primarily known for its performance on the tennis court now, the Reebok Club C is a premiere lifestyle sneaker that has been the host to many collaborations ranging from Maison Margiela, Awake NY, Tyrrell Winston, Sneeze Magazine, Adsum, and more. Shop the Reebok Club C collection now on StockX.