Air Jordan Legacy 312

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조던 레거시 312 커맨드 포스 볼트 Jordan Legacy 312 "Command Force Volt"

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The Jordan Legacy 312 is the brainchild of designer Don Crawley, better known as Don C, who's lived and breathed Jordans from childhood. 더 보기
This shoe is a uniquely reverent take on a classic brand. Don C grew up in a family of Bulls fans at the height of Jordan-mania. As a young collector, he absorbed all the details of the shoes Michael Jordan wore on the basketball court. In 2018, he put them all together in his own design, the Air Jordan Legacy 312. The shoe is futuristic in some ways, with bold colors like Ghost Green represented. Borrowing features from the Air Alpha Force, Jordan 1 and Jordan 3, among others, Don C created a completely unique silhouette. The Legacy 312 in White/Black-Pink Foam is a high top with a leather upper. The Low Bred Cement features a lower rise and incorporates Jordan's classic Black and Red colorway. With this release, Don C became one of two non-athletes to design his own shoe with Jordan.