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When the bid and ask are the same a sale is made

Come to StockX first when you’re ready to buy your next luxury handbag. StockX is a live, dynamic marketplace for handbags where buyers place “Bids” and sellers place “Asks” so you can easily buy handbags and accessories online without the hassle. When the stars align and the Bid and Ask match, say on a Chanel Wallet on a Chain, the transaction happens automatically.

You send your bag to StockX. Stock sends the bag to the buyer.

Seller ships the bag to StockX so it can be authenticated and checked for condition.
StockX pays the seller and sends the verified bag to the buyer

This is an animation of the buy process on StockX

With over 20,000 product listings of bags and accessories from nine of the top selling luxury brands, we’ve made buying easier than any other marketplace.

  1. SEARCH: Find your bag or accessory on StockX by searching for the brand, model and size and CLICK the GREEN BUY/BID Button
  2. BROWSE: Selection of over 20,000 items by brand, style, color
  3. BUY NOW: If you see an ASK (RED BOX has a number) you can “BUY NOW” at the lowest ASK (selling price)
  4. PLACE A BID: A BID is your buying price

Pro tips:

  • Place a BID even if there isn’t an ASK (RED BOX has no number) since sellers list bags every day so you’ll be the first to know
  • You can cancel your BID at any time before it is matched with an ASK (selling price)
  • Your BID can match an ASK at any time since StockX is a live marketplace and buyers and sellers can change their prices at any time

Other benefits of buying on StockX

Guarantee Icon

Guaranteed authentic and excellent condition

Never Worry

Never worry about sellers being legit

History Icon

Get complete historical price history

Megaphone Icon

Let sellers know the bag you want to buy even if it’s not for sale

If you don’t see the bag you want to buy contact us and we’ll add it to the catalog. EMAIL [email protected]