WINNER UPDATE 5/8 — Congratulations to Daniel T. from New York, who was randomly selected as our winner of the Cavs Championship Court Package!  Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and helping us spread the word in social.  Until next time…

They say that history repeats itself, and well, if you’re a LeBron James or Cleveland Cavaliers fan, this repetition might just make your whole day, week, month or may even make up for 50+ years of sports heartache.

We’re giving you the chance to get the Nike Air Zoom Generation First Game with our Cavs Court SPO collection  (market value of $7100!) for the grand total of $1.  The collection includes a Cavs Championship Ring and a one-of-a-kind box made from the actual championship floor from The Q Arena in Cleveland for the retail price of the AZG.

The package that includes:

  • Sneaker: Nike Air Zoom Generation ‘First Game’
  • Sneaker Box: A commemorative sneaker box crafted from the hardwood of the Cleveland Cavaliers court from their 2015-2016 championship season. A certificate of authenticity will include a court map showing the exact location of the wood for each box.
  • Cavs Championship Ring: A team issued Cavaliers 2016 NBA Championship ring (not otherwise available to the general public).

Here’s how to get the Nike LeBron AZG Cavs Court Package for Retail:

  1. Go Mobile.  Download the StockX mobile app on iTunes or Google Play.  Already have the StockX mobile app?  Make sure it’s updated to the most current version.
  2. Place a Bid.  Go to THIS PAGE in the mobile app and place a Bid on the Cavs Court AZG. You can also search for “cavs restockx” in the app to find the product page.
  3. Grab a Starbucks Mermaid Frap.  (We’d say enjoy it but reviews seem to suggest that’s not possible). Bids will be accepted from 11AM ET on Wednesday, May 3rd until 11:59PM PT on Friday, May 6th.  StockX will randomly select a winning Bidder.  The winner will be contacted via email and announced on Monday, May 8th, 2017.

Important Details (You Should Read This Part)

  • This package includes a Size 10 Nike Air Zoom Generation ‘First Game’
  • You will only be charged if you win
  • You cannot Bid more or less than $1 (why would you want to bid more?)
  • Bidding Starts — 5/3 at 11am EDT
  • Bidding Ends — 5/6 at 11:59pm PDT
  • Winner Announced — 5/8