A Comprehensive Look at Nicki Minaj’s Designer Bag Collection

A Comprehensive Look at Nicki Minaj’s Designer Bag Collection

There’s arguably no one in music today who has more of an affinity for designer bags than Nicki Minaj, the Trinidad and Tobago-born, New York-raised queen of hip hop who just released two songs off her highly anticipated fourth studio album.

Since debuting her first studio album “Pink Friday,” in 2010, Minaj has continued to break records, topping the charts,  selling 20 million singles and over five million albums across the globe, making her the best selling female rapper of all time. Last year, she even surpassed Aretha Franklin for most appearances by a woman on the Billboard Hot 100.

Many of her songs – a whopping 25% – contain a reference to fashion brands, and Louis Vuitton is the one she seems to include in her wildly popular songs the most.

“I’m like 5’2, my SAT scores was high too/But I don’t mean to brag I Louis Vuitton bag em,” she sings on “Whip It.”

But it isn’t just Louis Vuitton Minaj loves – “Beez in the Trap” makes a references to the most coveted bag brand of all of time, Hermes (“Birkin bags, man I murk them ads) and “The Pinkprint Freestyle” features Minaj’s most frequently carried bag brand: Chanel (“Get Chanel bags, got a bitch lookin’ like Chanel ads”)

And if her admiration for bags was in any doubt, Minaj’s Shopaholic featuring Gucci Mane explicitly lays it out: “She got a Gucci fetish/She got a Louis problem/She got a shoppin’ problem/Dat gurl’s a shopaholic.”

Minaj’s extensive handbag collection ranges from the classic to the esoteric, appearing with her at industry events, while she’s traveling and during her down time.

Although there are probably several closets full we haven’t seen, we’ve identified and rounded up some of her favorite bags she’s graced us with in public below:

Chanel  Cuba Rainbow Boy Flap

The Cuba Rainbow Boy bag  is from 2017’s Chanel Cruise Collection, which per Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld (or Uncle Karl as we like to call him around here), is inspired by a different locale every year. With all the buzz about the U.S. easing travel restrictions to Cuba in 2016, it’s no surprise that Uncle Karl built the entire collection to brightly reflect the Caribbean island nation and its culture. But that was before Donald Trump became president and reversed the Obama administration’s decision, which has impacted private travel to Havana and beyond. At least we still have this bag. Shop the Chanel Boy

Chanel Shearling Boy Flap


This circa 2015-2016 Chanel Boy bag made with shearling instead of quilted leather is a stunner, and its unusual material means it’s not only hard to find in resale, but pricier, averaging around $4500. The Chanel Boy is a favorite of Minaj, who has a penchant for more carrying esoteric, rare Chanel bags along with the classics.  Shop the Chanel Boy


Chanel Classic Flap

It can’t get more classic than this – the Chanel Classic flap in quilted leather is a staple in any serious collector’s closet. It comes in several different sizes, in a variety of materials and colors, but the black leather with gold tone hardware is the most popular and widely recognizable. Chanel Classic Flaps feature interlocking CC locks, introduced in the 1980s by Karl Lagerfeld, head designer and creative director of Chanel. It features leather and chain straps, a rear patch pocket and a front flap.  The Classic Flap Jumbo opens up to a leather-lined interior with several pockets. Shop the Chanel Classic Flap


Chanel Patchwork Boy Flap

Released in Chanel’s Spring 2015 collection, this denim patchwork Boy bag is another rare find that Minaj seems to love. It sold at retail around $4,600 and comes with an aged bronze chain and a patchwork collage of different denim pieces, as well as frayed denim sides. Shop the Chanel Boy


Chanel Classic Double Flap

This red version of  the Chanel Classic Double Flap is another constantly sought after bag. It comes in several sizes, including the jumbo size you see here. Crafted in quilted lambskin with goldstone hardware, it features an intertwined leather and metal chain strap, a rear patch pocket and a front flap with the classic interlocking CC. Shop the Chanel Classic Flap

Chanel CC Trendy Top Handle

From Chanel’s 2017 collection, this Chanel CC Trendy Flap bag is another Minaj favorite – she’s been seen carrying on several occasions. It comes with goldstone hardware, a single padded top handle, leather and chainlink strap,  several interior compartments and CC turn lock closure at the front flap. Shop quilted Chanel bags



Though Minaj tends to favor Louis Vuitton or Chanel bags over most other brands, she occasionally changes it up with a bit of Gucci, like this Gucci New Bamboo Top Handle bag that’s made of Jaguar printed calf hair. The bag comes with the classic bamboo top handle, which appeared in 1947. World War II was still in its final stages at that point and countries the world over were rationing resources. That was especially true in Europe, where artisans at Gucci were being pressured to find materials that weren’t subject to restriction to use in their designs. Bamboo cane could still be imported from Japan, and Gucci craftsman developed a patented method to heat and bend the bamboo in such a way that it would retain its shape once cooled and affixed to a handbag. The bamboo handles were so interesting and distinctive that the bags became an instant hit, sticking around well past the end of the war to be carried by some of the biggest celebrities and tastemakers of the 1950s and 60s. Shop the Gucci Bamboo

Louis Vuitton Lumineuse Empreint Tote

This Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Lumineuse is a subtle way to get the best of Louis Vuitton while keeping the sometimes overwhelming Monogram as low key as possible. This roomy bag is crafted with LV embossed leather and features a leather strap, a zipper pocket on the front and a top zipper which opens up to a fabric interior. Shop the Louis Vuitton Empreinte

Hermes Birkin 35

The mother of all bags, the Hermes Birkin is the ultimate status symbol and a bag that Minaj loves not just to carry, but rap about too. The Birkin is mentioned in at least three different songs (“And they Birkin where the bag is/Gotta lot of bags, but we never got baggage”). This Rouge Hermes Birkin 35 in Epsom calfskin leather can be yours from around $11,000 retail. All Birkins are constructed by a single trained artisan in a Hermes workshop and take around 48 hours to make. Every artisan has his or her own set of tools and keeps them when they retire. This one  features tonal stitching, a front toggle closure, a signature clochette lock with two keys, double rolled handles and a leather-lined interior with one zip pocket and two additional pockets. Shop the Hermes Birkin



Chanel Double Flap

Minaj carried this fuchsia Chanel Double Flap bag to a Philadelphia 76ers game in 2016. It comes in several sizes, but she chose the Maxi, pairing the bright bag with a light pink fur top. Crafted of lambskin leather, this bag comes a silver or gold chain link shoulder strap, several interior pockets and a frontal flap with the signature CC turnlock closure. Shop the Chanel Double Flap

Chanel Boy Bag

Continuing her deep love of the Chanel Boy Bag, Minaj is seen here with the pink (as well as matching pink hair) and the black versions of the Boy bag.  The Boy Bag was inspired by Coco Chanel’s affinity for masculine styles as well as the love of her life Arthur “Boy” Capel.

The Boy Bag is more structured and boxier than the Chanel Classic flap, but also very versatile, as this bag can easily be carried from day to night to match any outfit. While the pink version of Minaj’s bag is standard, the black Boy bag, outlined by extra chain links,  is another rare model she has. Shop the Chanel Boy Bag


Louis Vuitton Bellevue Vernis

Though Chanel is a clear favorite, Minaj does favor Louis Vuitton, too. This Louis Vuitton Bellevue in Monogram Vernis is the perfect airport tote. Introduced in 1998, the shiny Vernis line is an embossed, coated leather which comes in a variety of colors. This bag has double flat natural cowhide handles, goldstone hardware and a single zip closure which opens up to several interior pockets. Shop the Louis Vuitton Vernis

    Chanel Tweed Boy Flap

    Minaj’s trusty Chanel Boy bag is shown here in a tweed version, which retails at over $4,000. The iconic CC push-lock closure opens up to a fabric-lined interior with side pockets to secure essentials. This modern bag is characterized by three distinct features: a rectangular border, an adjustable chain strap and a modern interlocking C logo clasp. As Chanel’s newest mainstay design, it’s the definition of a smart investment bag. Chanel has been a fixture on runway shows for the last several decades. With Karl Lagerfeld at the helm, runway shows feature fashion and handbags varying in style, inspiration, and color. Shop the Chanel Boy Bag

    Gucci GG Backpack

    This classic men’s backpack has a front zip pocket, multiple interior pockets and is crafted in heat debossed Gucci signature leather. It has a grey microfiber lining with a suede-like finish and accompanied Minaj’s head to toe Gucci outfit, which she posted last year on Instagram with the caption “We Gucci.” Indeed. Shop Gucci backpacks

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