Accessories - March 6, 2018

Announcing: DOXA Sub 300 “Black Lung” Re-StockX

UPDATE: Huge thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to our 5 winners: Jon L. from MI, John A. from OR, Joseph S. from IL, BO W. from NJ, Stephen C. from CO – don’t be shy about sharing wrist shots with us!

Last year, Swiss watch brand DOXA reissued a historic model from their iconic Sub line of dive watches, the Sub 300 Aqua Lung known as the “Black Lung”. Just 300 examples were built, and all were sold in less than 24 hours. If you’re unfamiliar with the story of this legendary watch, read a review from Analog Shift founder, James Lamdin, right here. Alongside the 300 serialized examples released last year, a small batch of internal use only watches were made for contributing employees of DOXA, and Aqua Lung. These watches have never been offered for sale, and never will be. Thanks to a handful of these employees, StockX is bringing you the chance to buy one of these internal use watches, at its retail price of $2,590.

This will be your only opportunity to purchase one of these incredible (and rare) watches, none of which have ever been made commercially available.

StockX will be offering 5 of these internal use Sub 300 Aqua Lung “Black Lung” watches. Bidding will be open from March 9th – 11th, after which StockX will select 5 bidders to purchase the watch at its retail price of $2,590.

How To Enter:

  • Create an account with StockX on your desktop or mobile device. If you’re going mobile, find our app in the iOS or Google Play store. If you already have an account, make sure you’re app is updated and jump to step 2.
  • Beginning March 9th, Place a $2,590 Bid on the DOXA Sub300 Aqua Lung “Black Lung” Re-StockX.
  • Earn a bonus entry every time you refer a new friend who also places a Bid to win!
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The Watch

From Analog Shift founder, and Doxa authority James Lamdin. Read his full thoughts on this watch right here.

During the design and development period for the initial run of co-branded pieces, a small batch of Sub 300 models were produced with a full-color (black and yellow) Aqua-Lung logo. During testing, this design was ultimately scrapped in favor of a simpler outline-only version for reasons of legibility. These outline-only versions reached regular production and were used on subsequent versions of the Sub line into the 1970s. The early fully colored logo versions were made in a very limited quantity, but a handful reached retailers and were sold to the public. Dubbed the “Black Lung” by collectors, it is estimated that only a few pieces or ever reached private hands, and are today considered the “Holy Grail” of DOXA collecting.  

Today, DOXA still produces high-quality diving watches with an unprecedented respect and engagement with the collector community and has a long-standing tradition of issuing special limited editions in response to consumer demand.  As such, 2017 saw the introduction of a limited run of pieces paying homage to the original Sub 300 models introduced half a century earlier. Paying close attention to the original versions, DOXA released a special tribute to the highly desirable original variant in the form of the DOXA 50th Anniversary Sub 300 “Black Lung”, which sold out in less than 24 hours.

Be sure to visit for all of your vintage watch needs. They are true experts in the space, and a constantly curating their selection of historic timepieces. To learn more about DOXA and to view their current collection of watches, visit their website, right here