Nike SF Air Force 1 Pack Resell Comparison

Leading up to ComplexCon in early November, Nike quietly (not quietly?) released five colorways of their latest incarnation of the Air Force 1 with their military-inspired Special Field (SF) Air Force 1.  ICYMI you can check out THIS recent post of ours with the details on its release and a brief history of the Nike Air Force 1, which first released in 1982…talk about longevity of a silhouette.

The Bone and Beige colorways of the SF Air Force 1 were released in women’s sizes.  The Black and Olive pairs were released in men’s sizing.  The special Triple White version of the SF Air Force 1, done up in premium leather, was only available to purchase in men’s sizes in person at ComplexCon in Long Beach.  All five pairs of the SF Air Force 1 have been moving decently well on the resell market since they released.  Here’s how the data breaks down.


Key Insights:

  • The Bone, Beige and Black colorways are all selling at similar average prices despite different retail prices and differences between men’s vs. women’s sizes
  • The lower retail price on the Triple Whites, combined with their ComplexCon exclusivity, gives them an even higher resell premium
  • We were as confused about the second/extra strap for the sneakers/tote bag as you were

Even though the SF Air Force 1 pack was recently released, there has been some interesting movement in their daily average resell prices.

SF Air Force 1 Resell Over Time

Key Insights:

  • Resell prices on the Black SF Air Force 1 increased slightly just after release but have remained relatively flat over time
  • The announcement on 11/15 that the four widely released colorways of the SF Air Force 1 will release in Europe has likely caused resell prices to decrease
  • Our hunch as to why the Olive colorway has a much higher resell price than the Black pair is either that the Olive pairs were released in smaller quantities…or this



If you’re ready to get in on the Bidding and Asking action on the Nike SF Air Force 1 pack you can view all five pairs HERE

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