October 25, 2022

Shop the Look: Chica, Built Different

Get all of Chica's looks from her Built Different photoshoot.

Get all of Chica's looks from her Built Different photoshoot.

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Chica is Built Different.

Chica is the newest Brand Ambassador for StockX. She’s been a game changer in the streaming and gaming communities since starting her streaming journey way back on a PS4. Not only is she a badass in Call of Duty, Fortnite, or any other game you want to throw her way, but she’s also been creating an expansive, inclusive community online and IRL with women and LGBTQIA+ members front and center. And while there are thousands of other fascinating, arresting, and lovely things about her, she always looks great doing whatever she’s doing.

We’ve compiled all the looks Chica wore during our Built Different production and invite you to grab what’s gorge right here on StockX.

Chica always makes sure that her fits pop, no matter what she’s doing. Whether online or IRL, Chica stands out with bold pieces and bright colors. The dark denim structure of the adidas IVY PARK Denim Bodysuit hits with light blue stripes at the sides and subtle three stripes stitching on the front. Chica works in soft hues holding the Teflar Shopping Bag Small Bubblegum Pink. And she goes big, bold, and classic courtesy of the adidas Forum Bonega Mid Cloud White Orbit Grey Bliss.

You don’t become a superstar like Chica without being able to handle every situation that gets thrown at you. And one of the most badass ways to signal your status is with statement pieces that transition from boardrooms to streaming while putting everyone on notice. Chica brings the chairman of the board energy with the adidas IVY PARK Halls of Ivy Suit Jacket that includes subtle lines of Semi Solar Slime in the pattern to keep the piece from being boring. And not to get stuffy with it, Chica pairs the jacket with the incredibly cool adidas IVY PARK Knit Catsuit.