January 18, 2023

UGG: The Buyer's Guide

A comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to everything UGG.

A comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to everything UGG.

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From their birth in 1978, the rise of UGG reached its peak around 2008 with Hollywood’s hottest such as Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton, making them the go-to footwear choice, just about every teenage girl owned a pair, or something similar in that era. Originally an icon in the surfing communities of California, these ultra-cosy sheepskin boots took over the globe and have since made their resurgence extending into the markets of homeware and menswear.

The UGG caught on quickly with the younger generation as it served those who enjoyed a more relaxed lifestyle alongside outdoor activities – surfers from SoCal to skiers of Aspen. As more people embraced this cozy aesthetic, the brand pivoted into luxury footwear and found themselves featured in fashion magazines which took them into mainstream fashion. Once UGG conquered the fashion capitals of New York and London, the world became their oyster and the brand exploded in popularity. 

The classic Chestnut Boot is their flagship model recognized by many but has since been overshadowed by future releases as new trends emerge in footwear. The brand also continued to extend its reach by diving into apparel and accessories for both men and women. UGG has seen collaborations with brands such as Telfar, Neighborhood, Bape, and more. Taking cues from the rising popularity of mules and slides, UGG brought their trademark sheepskin materials to these modern day lifestyle essentials. Today, the most wearable silhouettes from UGG include their slip-ons; the Scuffette Slipper, Tasman Slipper and Fluff Yeah Slide. 

How versatile are UGGs for outdoor wear?

Depending on the model you buy, each one is designed with its use in mind – whether it’s an indoor Slipper or an outdoor Boot. UGGs primary material of sheepskin is very versatile in its use for cozying up indoors or staying toasty while outside. After all, they originated as a boot for pulling on after a surf. The weather resistant outsole of the Boot will ensure suitability for anywhere you want to take them.

What is the most popular UGG for this winter?

Right now, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini is the top seller in the footwear dept. They are the heavily chopped version of the original all star Boot, short in stature making them super easy to slip on and off. The UGG Tazz Slipper and Tasman Slipper are also popular. Another short cut model designed for convenience and comfortability.