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The Reebok Kamikaze II Black/Red harkens back to a different era of sneakers. In the 90s, basketball shoe designs were bold and boisterous to grab the attention of fans that were viewing from the comfort of their couch. Television technology back then meant that even the best TV was still a grainy analog version. Footwear companies like Reebok, took this into consideration with their designs and made them loud and easily recognizable from a distance. The Reebok Kamikaze line is one of the sneaker lines that showcases this strategy. As the shoes worn by 6-time NBA All Star Shawn Kemp, the Kamikaze II is remembered by most for its Seattle Supersonics colorways. However, if you were into sneakers back then you probably remember seeing the Eastbay catalogs that showcased "team" colorways like the black and red Kamikaze II back in 1996. The Kamikaze II, like many Reeboks of the time, featured Hexalite cushioning and and the upgraded Ultra Hexalite version and was noticeably lighter than the original Kamikaze design. While the original Reebok Kamikaze II Black/Red was a head-turner, the 2013 retro released in the midst of many other Kamikaze colorways and could be found on sale in most sizes.

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