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Reebok Kamikaze II USA
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One of the most forgotten "Dream Teams" inspired the Reebok Kamikaze II "USA" colorway that released in the spring of 2013. Shawn Kemp will be remembered for the most part as a 6-time NBA All Star for the Seattle Supersonics but in 1994, he was named as one of the players put together to form what was known as the "Dream Team II" for the FIBA World Championships. The nickname meant that Kemp and Team USA had to live up to the "greatest team ever formed" in 1992, the original Dream Team. The Dream Team II played in Toronto and won the FIBA tournament but it would be a different team that represented the United States in the Olympics in 1996. Nonetheless, Shawn Kemp’s time repping the USA makes for a great story and patriotic colorway on the Kamikaze II. Leather and patent finishes give the Kamikazes red, white and blue design a unique flavor while still keeping the contrasting "wave" pattern that makes the Kamikaze II so recognizable. In addition to Shawn Kemp, the Reebok Kamikaze II "USA" also found its way into the NBA in 2013 thanks to player editions worn by guys like Willie Green and John Wall.

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