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女装 adidas Nite Jogger

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adidas Nite Jogger Core Black (Women's)



Today's Nite Jogger has come a long way from the original model that debuted in 1979. That shoe featured reflectors on the back of the shoe and on the three-stripe adidas logo. The sole was studded, which made it easier to grip soft ground. The Nite Jogger was also notable for its lightness. Runners who wore this shoe never felt weighed down. In 2018, the Nite Jogger began its comeback. At first, it wasn't available in wide release, and only influencers had the shoe. Beginning in 2019, several new versions and collaborations were released. The new adidas Nite Jogger has a thick foam sole with no studs. Since the comeback, many collaborations have utilized the Nit Jogger design, including Ivy Park and Star Wars.