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Nike Air Max 95

一层搭一层。从 Neon 到 Fresh Mint,立即在 StockX 上购买耐克(Nike)Air Max 95的各种配色和联名款。

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Nike Air Max 95 Essential White Grey Fog



His inspiration came from the idea of erosion. While the soil eroded away, what if it unearthed something incredible? That something turned out to be the Air Max 95 collection. Lozano also took inspiration from human anatomy. The shape and look of human muscles, vertebrae, and ribs played an integral part in his design. The first sneaker to be released in the Air Max 95 collection was a stunning grey gradient with neon volt accents to make it pop. This sneaker caused controversy because it didn't place the Nike logo in its traditional spot. Instead, Lozano opted to treat the swoosh like a signature and allow the silhouette to make a statement on its own. This was also the first sneaker to include a visible air unit in the forefoot. Many behind the scenes believed the grey gradient wouldn't perform well, but it sold magnificently. The splash of neon color would go on to become a staple for many of Nike's future products.