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Despite only starting in 2018, Fear of God Essentials has risen as one of the most popular streetwear brands in the world. The unlikely origin story of Fear of God begins in sports. 查看更多
Lorenzo originally assumed he would be a sports agent. Although that did happen, it was during this time that he noticed his clients' outfits were not exactly stellar. Lorenzo took it upon himself to design more options, and his first collection launched not long thereafter. Lorenzo notes that his faith and elements of hip-hop and grunge are sources that keep him moving forward with the Fear of God brand. Lorenzo grew his mainline Fear of God brand alongside collaborative work with Kanye West, Vans, Nike, and Converse. Then, in an effort to provide elevated basics, he launched Fear of God Essentials, a line catering to essential items that are prevalent in many wardrobes. Many of the Essentials hoodies that streetwear enthusiasts can get from Fear of God include monochrome color palettes and hoods for increased comfort. The Essentials line tends to feature the lettering in bold, blocky script across the front of the garment. Buy and Sell Fear of God Essentials Hoodies and other sweatshirts from the brand on StockX now.