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Founded by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Denmark back in 1932, the LEGO Group began as a humble carpentry workshop and eventually expanded into the massive, global toy empire that it is today. 查看更多
It wasn’t until 1958, however, that the company morphed into its present form as a toy manufacturer. That was the year that the LEGO brick, with its special interlocking tubes, was created. The brick is the foundational component of the countless special building sets that LEGO has made over the decades. StockX is a grand emporium for not only shoes and clothes but also for special collectable items like LEGO sets — sets designed for either adults or children to enjoy. You can find sets like the LEGO Inside Tour, Legoland Train Sets and countless Star Wars-themed LEGO sets for sale on StockX, among many others. Our selection constantly changes and evolves, so avid collectors would do well to stay abreast of what’s on our lists. Check out some of our most popular LEGO sets.