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女装 New Balance

最棒的 New Balance 鞋品现已在 StockX 有售。从 New Balance 990v5到993,这里有各种 New Balance 鞋款,包括所有配色和尺码。

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New Balance 327 Moonbeam Outerspace (Women's)



New Balance 327 Black White Gum (Women's)




Although there isn't hard proof, speculation within the industry says that Riley gained inspiration for a shoe with three support points after watching chickens walk about the yard while maintaining great balance. The company certainly has expanded its profile, collaborated with famous and respected brands throughout the fashion industry to release limited-edition shoes that have excited sneakerheads. An international partnership with Taiwanese company INVINCIBLE led to the creation of a special run of the 1400 shoes with premium suede materials and brogue accents. Footwear expert Ronnie Fieg helped New Balance release colorful versions of the 1700s. Ten colorways in vibrant shades certainly make these shoes stand apart from the rest. Silhouettes popular with dedicated New Balance fans include the 997.5 Phantaci in the White/Pink/Black colorway and the standard 997s in Marblehead/Silver. Further collaborations with contemporary streetwear companies like Concepts and Bodega have led to popular models such as the New Balance Concepts "The Kennedy" or the New Balance 997S Bodega No Bad Days.