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A Bearbrick is a limited-edition toy designed and produced by MediCom Toy, a toy manufacturing company with a wide range of figure lines and collections based on anime, manga, and global pop culture characters. The name Bearbrick originates from the fact that the collectible is a cartoon-style depiction of a bear and it is a variation of the company’s Kubrick design.

Bearbricks are available in different sizes and are sold in series with two drops annually. Each Bearbrick figure is a humanized plastic bear with nine parts: head, hips, torso, arms, hands, and legs. The parts allow for various points of articulation, including a swivel head, a swivel waist, ball joint arms, ball joint legs, and swivel wrists. Over the years, MediCom has released several Bearbricks in collaboration with several brands, notably Bape, Undercover, Chanel, Steven Harrington, Karimoku, mastermind, Emotionally Unavailable, KAWS, Keith Haring, Banksy, and Lancôme.

The Bearbrick X Marvel partnership is one of MediCom’s best-selling collaborations. Some of the notable collectables that have resulted from this partnership include the Bearbrick x Marvel x Cleverin Black Panther Air Freshener Black, Bearbrick x Marvel x Cleverin Spider-Man Air Freshener Red, and the Bearbrick x Marvel x Cleverin Captain Marvel Air Freshener Red. The Bearbrick X KAWS collaboration is another popular collaboration. Over the years, this collaboration has brought about figures such as the KAWS Companion 5th Anniversary Bearbrick 70% Grey, KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Brown, KAWS Originalfake 6th Anniversary Bearbrick 1000% Red, and KAWS NexusVII Wooden Bearbrick 400% Black.

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