Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack is a clothing brand founded by award-winning American rapper, singer, and producer Travis Scott in 2017. The brand is named after Travis Scott’s record label, which currently has five artists signed. The label also operates a publishing company under the same name. You can find many different pieces within the line, such as t-shirts, shorts, socks, and pants.

Cactus Jack was created with the purpose of showcasing Travis Scott’s unique and artistic style. Featuring designs specific to Scott, like collages and graphics, the brand has had numerous collaborations, most notably with McDonald’s, NEIGHBORHOOD, and Nike. The logo is one of the most recognizable and unique things about the brand, with simply the two works intersecting in a cross shape on the letter “C".

As one of the most influential people in music and culture today, Travis Scott has no doubt also had influence in the fashion world with the Cactus Jack Brand. However, even with his fame and fortune, Scott has made a point to keep the brand affordable for both men and women while keeping the line stylish and high quality. The brand offers everything from work out clothes, to streetwear, like the Travis Scott Cactus Trails Tri-Color Full-Zip Sherpa Jacket Gold/Natural/Brown to more formal pieces. Sustainability, customer service, and comfort are also pillars for the brand and something they strive to maintain.

Cactus Jack is certainly unique, and you will undoubtedly stand out in these pieces. You’ll be able to express your true artistic soul when you throw on one of these carefully curated items and hit the town!





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Travis Scott Cactus Jack + Kaws For Fragment Tee Aged Yellow

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