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Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny is a fun artist, possibly most recognised for his designer toy collection and his anatomical art including sculptures and drawings. Many of his art pieces are quirky and evoke humour. In addition to art, he also created toys which have garnered him lots of recognition for his work. This award-winning artist and toy designer has held exhibits at art galleries, museums, and shopping malls around the world, including the Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo and Joy City in Shanghai. His work has also been featured in numerous publications, including toy and pop culture magazines.

Several Jason Freeny toy designs and prints have been mass-produced. However, some special edition items are more limited. We’d recommend investing in one of these collectibles because of their rarity. One example is the GID (Glow in the Dark) Edition/Balloon Dog Anatomy. Other items in the GID collection include XX Ray DC Comics Batman and XX Ray DC Comics 4D Joker.

The half-and-half dissected design is a signature work for Jason Freeny. He has created a number of series using this art style, including dissected figures of cartoon characters such as Spongebob and Garfield. He has also created half-and-half dissected figures of Kitty and the Care Bears, Buying one of these collectibles is an investment in pop culture memorabilia.

Like Jason Freeny toys, pop culture collectibles let you invest in something you’re familiar with. Many of the action figures and games, such as Star Wars Action Figures, are nostalgic and will bring your childhood back to mind.

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