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Skate Decks Supreme

Supreme skate decks are highly sought-after collector's items and essential skateboarding accessories. Supreme, a New York-based streetwear brand began producing skate decks in the early 2000s as an extension of its commitment to skateboarding culture. They quickly gained attention for their unique designs and collaborations with the most significant one coming in 2007 when they collaborated with artist and designer KAWS, releasing a series of decks featuring his signature “Companion" character. This marked a turning point, solidifying Supreme's status in both the skateboarding and art worlds.

Supreme skate decks are often made using a variety of materials like traditional 7-ply maple wood, fibreglass, and even unconventional materials like plexiglass or metal, depending on the specific design and concept of each deck. However, despite the diversity in materials used, most of them feature Supreme's iconic red box logo which has now become a status symbol. These skate decks often explore various themes and concepts with every release. From pop culture references to political and social commentary, each one tells a unique story or conveys a specific message like the Supreme Smurfs Skateboard which takes inspiration from popular cartoon animation, ‘The Smurfs.’

Supreme skate decks offer more than just artistic value. They also have functional value as they are typically produced with the same quality and durability as decks from established skateboarding brands like The Skateroom. However, they are usually released in limited quantities to create a sense of exclusivity and high demand among collectors and enthusiasts.

Supreme skate decks are highly regarded as collectible pieces of art and cultural artifacts. They make great gifts and decorative pieces, and have significant resale value on the secondary market, making them valuable investments for collectors.

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