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Takashi Murakami’s vibrant use of color has set him apart from other contemporary Japanese artists. Buy and Sell Takashi Murakami Art Prints now on StockX.


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Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami has seen commercial success by bridging his lively, colorful style through different mediums like fashion, animation, traditional art prints, and more. 続きを読む
Murakami’s published work on his “Superflat” theory is at the forefront of his artwork, which emphasizes 2-dimensional imagery with roots in manga and traditional Japanese art. Murakami’s Art Prints are distinguishable through his Superflat theory, finding success in streetwear, pop culture, and through a myriad of collaborations in the industry. Through Superflat and a bubbly color pallet, Murakami’s art has received critical and international acclaim, finding success through multiple mediums.