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The Reebok Club C is known as one of the most popular Reebok silhouettes of all time. Derived from Reebok's tennis collection in the 1980s, the Reebok Club C is a street staple and the canvas for many of the brand's collaborations. Due to the explosion of tennis fandom in the 1970s, the 1980s was met with a great demand for tennis products, specifically sneakers. Reebok entered the tennis industry in 1985 with the Reebok Phase 1, a low top sneaker constructed with leather and terry cloth. 続きを読む
The following year, Reebok released the Club Champion (now known as the Club C), which was built off of the Phase 1 but included a reinforced toe wrap and removable arch support system. The Club C has noticed several modifications over the years, but the model that is most frequently used today draws inspiration from four different Reebok tennis models: the Revenge Plus, the Club Champion, the Club Classic, and the Monterey. While it isn't primarily known for its performance on the tennis court now, the Reebok Club C is a premiere lifestyle sneaker that has been the host to many collaborations ranging from Maison Margiela, Awake NY, Tyrrell Winston, Sneeze Magazine, Adsum, and more. Shop the Reebok Club C collection now on StockX.