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Introducing Vault NFTs on StockX

Welcome to the future of StockX, where authentic physical products of current culture are now tracked on-chain.

Introducing Vault NFTs on StockX, new digital tokens providing unprecedented access and utility for our customers. Each Vault NFT is tied to a physical product (as depicted on the NFT), which is stored in our brand new, climate-controlled, high-security vault.

The future of culture is here.

The Vault

Own the most popular releases by simply taking possession of your Vault NFT and start saving on fees (and closet space). These exclusive StockX Vault NFTs connect coveted physical products with readily tradable digital tokens that track ownership of the physical product.

So if you’re bullish on a product but do not want to take possession of it immediately, consider copping a Vault NFT. You take possession of the NFT immediately after the transaction is complete, meaning it is the fastest way to flip. Because each Vault NFT is tied to a physical product already stored in the StockX vault, you no longer have to wait several days before you can resell, and you do not have to pay fees associated with multiple legs of shipping and authentication. If you decide you are ready to take possession of the physical product, you can simply redeem your Vault NFT and we will deliver the product straight to your door.   

Vault NFTs provide our customers with an exciting new, faster, cheaper and more efficient trading experience. We will continue to strive to provide our customer community access to the products they love in tech-forward ways that suit their needs.

Please Note: The purpose of Vault NFT is solely to track the ownership and transactions in connection with the associated product. Vault NFTs do not have any intrinsic value beyond that of the underlying associated product. The associated product is subject to StockX’s own authentication process.  The Vault NFT is not affiliated or associated with, sponsored by, or officially connected to any third-party brand or any brand subsidiaries or affiliates. Any third-party brand names and trademarks used in a Vault NFT are all the property of the applicable third-party brand owner and are used in the Vault NFT solely to refer to the physical product to which the Vault NFT corresponds.  For more information on official brand products, please visit the applicable brand’s website.